Most highly recommended dish... 

Y1. Yum Woon-Sen Ta-Le 

Spicy salad seafood with glass noodle.

29. Goong Aob Woon-Sen

Bake glass noodle herb and shrimp. 

26. Phat Hoy Lai Pik Paow.

Fried carbet clam with soy sauce and chilly paste.

P13. Phat Pik Gang Moo

Fried chilies paste pork.

Y4. Yum Ta-Krai Goong

Spicy salad shrimp with lemon grass.

23. Khaw Klook Ka-Pi

Stir Fried rice with shrimp paste serve with fried egg, sweet pork, red onion.

11. Phat Phong Ga-Li

Yellow curry shrimp.

31. Hao Mok Ta-Lay

Chilies paste sea food. 

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